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Partner to hospitals, peer to physicians and advocate to patients, Eagle Hospital Physicians is a leading physician services company and innovative architect to an evolving industry. We understand that the right care starts with cultivating the right relationships. It’s why we take a collaborative, tailored approach with every one of our hospital clients. It’s how we’ve built a leading network of highly qualified Hospitalists. Today, it’s how we’re elevating the standard of care to deliver a more effective hospital, and ultimately, a better patient experience. If you think all Hospitalist services companies are the same, we look forward to changing your perspective.

We have also started offering Infertility treatment for women & Obstetrics and gynaecology facility in our center. We have added a couple specialists in Infertility treatments and half a dozen more staff to cater to out new services.

Our Obstetrics and gynaecology partners: Thibodaux gynecology & obstetrics
Our Pregnancy Support group: American Pregnancy Association
Our Fertility partners: Tubal Reversal Center LLC


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